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What are Hydrosols



Hydrosols are water-based products made by distilling flowers, leaves, fruits, and other plant parts. It is the byproduct of an essential oil's manufacturing process and maintains most of the same active compounds & properties as an essential oil however, they are much less concentrated than essential oils therefore being much more sensitive on the skin. 


Hydrosols also have a benefit that essential oils don’t, they contain powerful beneficial water-soluble contents within a plant material that are not present in the essential oil.

Hydrosols can be used for skin, hair and body & aromatherapy. They are used in several products which include:


Skin Care 

Makeup products




Topical creams for wounds, Inflammation

Skin soothing




Air Diffusers


Our Story

Our products are more effective than most on the market. Why. Because all of our products are hydrosol based. Containing up to 80% natural active ingredient itself in comparison to other products on the market that have a water base of up to 80% and only up to 10 % of the active ingredient. Products such as those  are ineffective and produce little if any results.  


Fortunately we have found a way to incorporate more active ingredients through the use of hydrosols. 

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