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Boric Acid Feminine Cleansing Gel 8 OZ 2 Pack

Boric Acid Feminine Cleansing Gel 8 OZ 2 Pack



This is a feminine CLEANSER that gets rid of Musty and or Fishy odors. It is infused with boric acid and apple cider vinegar. Boric acid is known for getting rid of the smells associated with Bacterial vaginosis. Apple cider vinegar gets rid of harsh scents too. We combined them and a mixture of bacteria fighting essential oils and created this perfect cleanser that leaves you FRESH ALL DAY. You will not smell ANY MORE fishy odors. You will not smell ANY musty odors. ALL of our customers love this product. Get your confidence back!!!!!

You ever use regular soap and get musty or just smelly a few hours later if not right away?🤔

Does 👉🏾HE👈🏾 tend to throw your pH off after bae time? Get you some of this sis.

Did you just have a baby? Sis this will get you back balanced!!


This gets rid of that musty scent in your pie area and from our lovely thighs rubbing all day. The combination of herbs and essential oils infused in this cleansing gel along with the bacteria killing-(vagina safe) boric acid gets rid of unpleasant loud embarrassing odors too.

An exciting blend of natural extracts and essential oils that will leave your lady parts feeling fresh and rejuvenated. Sometimes we get thrown off by the slightest things and Phor Essentials is here to help keep you balanced. We know the inside of the vaginal cavity is self cleaning.


This lovely brew is for the external where all the sweat and daily accumulation of unpleasant scents reside. The herbs used in this all natural Yoni Gel are widely known to aid in keeping her balanced, fresh, and moist.




***There are absolutely NO artificial ingredients in this cleanser. It is soap free and the awesome lather is powered by natural plant based surfactants***


*Water- because what else will blend these ingredients

*Aloe Vera-Cooling and soothing

*Boric Acid-Kills bacteria associated with bv and odor...for good.

*Calendula-Heals your skin and has amazing properties


*Grapefruit Seed Extract-kills the bacteria associated with yeast infections and helps tone skin color down there 😉

*Lavender-Soothing especially great for period cramps

*Rose Water-Hydrates the vee plus so much more

*Rose Hydrolate-Its fancy rose water

*Vitamin E-Antioxidant

*Probiotics-balances the pH, promotes good bacteria growth

*Apple Cider Vinegar-Great for the vaginal ecosystem

*Essential Oil Blend-Kills bacteria and keeps away odors from sweat and dirt

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