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Breakout Repair Hydrate & Glow Bundle

Breakout Repair Hydrate & Glow Bundle

Breakout Repair Hydrate & Glow Bundle. 3 PC Set




1 BreakOut Repair Mask

1 Spot Perfection Pen

1 Hydrate & Glow Moisturizing Elixir




Specifically formulated for breakouts resulting in acne, textured skin, dark spots and blemished skin.


Packed with key ingredients that target skin breakouts, dark spots and inflammatory skin issues. Help target dark spots for even toned skin. Hydrates and moisturizes leaving skin with a natural healthy glow.



Mask can be used daily on entire face or as a spot treatment.


Apply spot pen morning and night. Apply only to affected area for evenly toned skin.


Apply Elixer to entire face and neck, before spot treatment morning and night.


Active ingredients include Kojic acid , Irish Seamoss, Turmeric, Chamomile, Sepi White


Daily use.

Helps to repair damages from breakouts,


Smoothes textured areas


Hydrates & moisturizes


Control and balances sebum production


Helps destroy & eliminate Bacteria and fungi from several types of skin related breakouts & inflammation including acne, psoriasis, rosecea & Eczema.

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