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Activated Charcoal With Black Soap Cleansing Pads with Blue Lotus

Activated Charcoal With Black Soap Cleansing Pads with Blue Lotus

This is perfect for a deep pore cleanse.

(We have added Egyptian Blue Lotus herbal extract to this formula for it's AWESOME skin benefits. It smells lovely too)

What does black soap do?

It's antibacterial.

It's safe for all skin types.

It's moisturizing.

It won't make your skin oily.

It helps soothe irritation.

It's anti-inflammatory.

It helps fight acne.

It may help reduce fine lines.

It's AWESOME for eczema.

What is black soap good for?

With natural antibacterial and exfoliating properties, African black soap acts gently to improve skin texture and tone. The soap also reduces inflammation and may help treat some signs of aging like dark spots or wrinkles. You can use African black soap on your face, hands, body even your hair.

ACTIVATED CHARCOAL: pulls out toxins and other impurities from your skin to leave it extra-clean.

Egyptian Blue Lotus: Moisturizes dry skin

Fights inflammation

Promotes smooth skin texture

Calms and soothes irritated skin

Balances oil production, which can help to prevent acne

Prevents free radical damage (due to its antioxidant content)

Boosts radiance

Ingredients: Water, African Black soap, Activated Charcoal, Burdock Root, Turmeric Extract, Egyptian Blue Lotus, Slippery Elm, Yarrow, Chamomile, Vegetable Glycerin, Vitamin (B5), Grapefruit Seed Extract natural Preservative LSFMC

30 count

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